We ALWAYS have specials.  Please check social media, emails, or ask us.  We have first classes often free, contests every month, referral credits, corporate rates, wedding/new baby packs, and student pricing.  These do not include personal training/yoga therapy or kids yoga.

In general our packs are:

  • 10 for $130 for barre/yoga fusions/barre-x (can pay upgrade fee for each TRX/Cardio Kickbox)
  • 5 for $90 for TRX
  • 10 for $160 for TRX
  • 20 for $240 for barre/yoga fusions/barre-x (can pay upgrade fee for each TRX/Cardio Kickbox)
  • Unlimited barre/barre-x $120 (no contract)
  • Wedding 6 months prior or new baby 6 months post $125 unlimited Barre/Yoga fusions/TRX/Barre-X/Core de Force classes
  • 10 for $75-Core de Force
  • Daily doubles- come to back to back classes, pay for one class and the 2nd class is $5.

Drop in Rates:

  • $15 Barre/Barre-X/Yoga Crunch/Vinyasa
  • $10 Core de Force (1st one is $5)
  • $20 TRX
  • $25 Holistic Yoga
  • $30 Yin Workshop


NEW MEMBERS ONLY (Groupon- Skinnybarre only)

This is for those who have never taken the Skinnybarre classes.  Valid one per person.

What classes can I take?  Skinnybarre ONLY (NOT Skinny-Barre X)

Hot Pilates class $15

Danielle teaches once a month at Yoga U.  The Hot Pilates bootcamp is the only of it’s kind in the area.  Set in approx 95-98 degree room, you will burn every muscle  to exhaustion and get a full body workout.  This class combines body weight exercises with light dumbbell strength training moves AND added cardio bursts.  Burpees in heat! Torch it!  $15 per class, paid as a drop in at Yoga U.

Friday OCT 12 5:30PM !!!!!!!!!

Delaware Sports League

Like drinking? Like to workout? Barre to bar gets you in Delaware’s Sports Leagues.  Come to class and meet up at local bars after.  $130 includes socks and a water bottle.