Class Packs

NEW MEMBERS ONLY (Groupon- Skinnybarre/Yoga with Weights)

This is for those who have never taken the Skinnybarre classes.  Valid one per person.

What classes can I take?  Skinnybarre and Yoga w/ weights (NOT Skinny-Barre X)

Partner with E-Volve

Anyone that has a current 10/20 pack at Lovering can take advantage of bootcamp classes at E-Volve $40 for 5 classes.  Huge discount!  Inquire within either location.

Delaware Sports League

Like drinking? Like to workout? Barre to bar gets you in Delaware’s Sports Leagues.  Come to class and meet up at local bars after.  $130 includes socks and a water bottle.

Hot Pilates class $15

Danielle teaches once a month at Yoga U.  The Hot Pilates bootcamp is the only of it’s kind in the area.  Set in approx 95-98 degree room, you will burn every muscle  to exhaustion and get a full body workout.  This class combines body weight exercises with light dumbbell strength training moves AND added cardio bursts.  Burpees in heat! Torch it!  $15 per class, paid as a drop in at Yoga U.  Coming back in November!