Current Schedule


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We have added Lunch Classes!

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In-Studio/Outdoor Schedule 

Outdoor classes will resume in Spring 2022.

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12:00PM TRX Circuit (1-2x a month)
5:00PM Barre CoreFirst Fusion


6:00AM TRX Performance 

5:00PM Skinnybarre-X

6:00AM Down & Dirty Circuit 

12:00PM Core First Beatz (2-3x a month)

4:45PM RipTrainer 

6:00PM Skinnybarre (2x a month)

6:00PM Yoga  (2x a month)

6:00AM Down & Dirty Circuit (2-3x a month)

9:00AM Corefirst Beatz (Hockessin)

4:45PM TRX & Power Bags 

5:45PM Barre

6:00AM BOSU or Bust

12:00PM TRX Circuit (3-4x a month)

12:00PM CoreFirst Beatz (Hockessin)

8:00AM Barre Core First Fusion or TRX Performacnce (weekly rotations)

8:30AM Skinnybarre-X (2-3x a month)
9:30AM Barre Stretch (2x a month)


Schedule is subject to change.


Virtual Schedule 

You can access our virtutal works through Glo Fox.

Click the community page for the "band app" streaming.

We currently have 4-5 classes a week virtually.

1708 Lovering Ave, Suite 203B Wilmington, DE 19806 
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