Current Schedule

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In-Studio/Outdoor Schedule 

Outdoor classes will continue into the fall, weather depending. 

**Please note, our morning classes are moving to 6:00AM starting 8/31.

Check the Glo Fox app for our pop-up & weekly rotation schedule. 

5:00PM Barre CoreFirst Fusion 

6:00AM TRX Performance 

4:45PM Core First Barre (Pike Creek outside)

5:00PM Skinnybarre-X

6:00AM Down & Dirty Circuit (outside parking lot)

4:45PM RipTrainer 

6:00AM Down & Dirty Circuit (pop-ups outside parking lot)

6:30AM Core First Beatz (Pike creek outside)

4:45PM Down & Dirty Circuit 

5:45PM Barre

6:00AM Guts & Glory or Terraglide Performance (weekly rotations/outside parking lot)

4:45PM Power Happy Hour / Performance classes (2-3x a month)

8:00AM Barre Core First Fusion or TRX Performacnce (weekly rotations)

8:30AM Skinnybarre-X (2-3x a month)
9:30AM Barre Stretch 


Schedule is subject to change.


Virtual Schedule 

You can access our virtutal works through Glo Fox.

Click the community page for the "band app" streaming.

We currently have 4-5 classes a week virtually.

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