We ALWAYS have specials.  
Please check our social media accounts or ask us for the latest Lovering Studio Class Specials or Incentives.  

Drop in Rates:

1st class at Lovering is FREE

$15 Barre

$20 TRX Family (TRX, Rip Trainer, Barre-X)

General Class Package Pricing:

10 classes for $130 for Barre ($3 upgrade fee for TRX family)

20 classes for $240 for Barre ($4 upgrade fee for TRX family)

5 TRX  family classes for $90
10 TRX family classes for $160

Unlimited Barre/B
arre-X $125
Daily Doubles - come to back to back classes,
pay for one class and the 2nd class is $5

8 week Zumbini - ask us!!


Calling All Brides OR New Moms
$125.00 Unlimited Class Package (Barre/TRX/Infused Classes)
If you are a bride to be six months out from your wedding or a new mother up to
6 months post partum then this unlimited class package is one to take advantage of!

Incentive Program:
Create the Best Version of you

Heat It: 1x a Week Commitment
1 or 2 month commitment plan, pre-sign ups required

Price per class ($12.00 barre / $14.00 TRX)

Burn It: 2x a Week Commitment
All classes must be completed in the time frame you select
Price per class ($11.00 barre / $13.00 TRX)

Torch It: 3x a Week Commitment
Participants will be rewarded if commitment is fully completed
Price per class ($10.00 barre / $12.00 TRX)

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1708 Lovering Ave, Suite 203B Wilmington, DE 19806