2021-22 New Class & Schedule Survey

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Policy Update 

Every client needs to have an active package to book a class. 

If you do not have an active package, you can select a drop-in rate.

Please review our cancellation policy:

Classes during the hours of 6:30AM-10:30AM

12 hour window

Classes during the hours of 3:00PM-7:30PM

8 hour window 

If you cancel your class outside the window, a class will be deducted from you account. 


New Class Coming Soon!


Sand & Straps

Fusion of TRX Suspension Trainer and Power Bags

This class is focused on power and strength. 

Core First Beatz

Coming in-studio! Step up your cardio game

with this choreographed workout to music.  

This workout will have your heart rate pumping and energy flowing.

BOSU or Bust

This new class takes all the challenges of stability and adds

a BOSU ball to it.  This class will increase the functional strength,

stamina and balance of your entire body —

particularly your core!  We will add in various other 

equipment- hamstring gliders, weights and more.

Lunch classes coming in October!


We will now be offereing classes at 12:00-12:45PM.

Not a morning person and evenings to busy? 

Here is our new solution! 

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