Our Beautiful Brides

“TRX has strengthened my core dramatically and has helped me take it up a notch for my wedding!  It has not only transformed by body,
but it has improved my stability and stamina. There is nothing else like it!”
- Charissa H.

“My greatest achievement was the summer before my wedding I looked and felt the best of my life. And it wasn’t just about being fit and toned, being healthier helped me radiate confidence inside and out. My favorite thing about Lovering studio is the variety of women who attend the classes. From all ages, to a variety of shapes and sizes, there are no judgments.  All of the women come together to laugh, sweat and achieve their personal goals with very motivating instructors.”
- Rebecca L.

“I have been a Lovering student for several years now but I really upped my gamethe last few months as I prepare for my wedding. I want to look toned in mydress- especially in my arms. TRX (BarreX and Rip) all helped me prepare for the day. I already notice a difference in the way my arms and back look. I felt confident, not only to wear my white dress, but in any outfit. Ashley and Danielle are amazing instructors. Their classes are upbeat, educational and motivating. They have built an amazing community; we all support and encourage each other. If you want a challenge, want a community who will keep you motivated and engaged, and want to see amazing results, you need to go to Lovering. You won’t be disappointed.”
- Katie S.

“So I’ve never been the “workout” person, but Lovering and my coworkers have been holding me accountable. I love the small classes and how personable everyone is. I’m able to do consistent push ups, my balance has improved, and I’m able to hold at least a 30 second plank. Although I’m sore after workouts or the next day, I feel better about myself. Usually going to the gym can be a drag, but I’m always pumped to come to Lovering. When coworkers notice a difference in my body appearance, I know something must be working. I’ve had the life pack for a month now and so glad I made that decision!”

- Courtney L. 


Pregnancy & New Mamas

“My exercising was limited while I was pregnant, barre class was a great low impact option. All the instructors were great and had alternative moves for exercises I couldn’t do while pregnant. After having the boys, going back to barre was a stress reliever and helped me get back into a routine. I had a difficultpregnancy and the support from everyone meant a lot and not something that you get from many studios or gyms.”

- Courtney M.

“This is my third pregnancy and I’ve been physically active for all three which has led to short deliveries! I love all of the classes at Lovering studio since the instructors are extremely knowledgeable in prenatal fitness. I like to mix it up with Barre and TRX since Danielle, Ashley and Becky are experts in pregnancy modifications. If each workout will shave 10 minutes off delivery and make getting back into shape postpartum any easier, I’m in!! Thank you Lovering Studio!!”

- Liz S. 

“I started going to Lovering Studio 2 years ago with Skinnybarre classes.  After taking classes at a different barre studio, I wanted to try something different that offered more classes than just barre. I quickly found a love for TRX as well and have been taking both barre and TRX classes whenever I can during the week. I found out I was pregnant in March and knew that I wanted to continue to be as active as possible and try to stay fit throughout these months. Around the same time, Lovering Studio hosted a workshop on fitness and nutrition during pregnancy and I knew this was something I couldn’t miss. The best thing about all of these women instructors is that they are also moms and have been through pregnancy (some multiple times). It was amazing to hear their individual stories and feel a little less alone in the pregnancy bubble I was now living in. Besides walking or doing light cardio on my own, I only do weight training or TRX or barre at Lovering Studio. I feel comfortable because the instructors will always give me a modification if there is a particular move that is either unsafe or pointless for me to be doing. They give me a different exercise that will be more suited for a pregnant body and I always feel like my workout is not compromised. Working out during pregnancy can still happen and I can still feel like I am working hard and accomplishing a goal with their help. They are AMAZING!!”

- Jess M.

“During my first pregnancy, I committed to taking a mindful, diverse approach to exercise, and found barre to be the one discipline that I was able to safely modify and enjoy up until delivery. When I moved to Wilmington a few months post-partum, I was still rehabbing my abs and was pleased to find that Lovering Studio offered classes that gave me a good workout, while enabling me to continue safely rebuilding my core strength. I'm now nearing the end of my second pregnancy and still going strong at the barre, thanks to Danielle offering a variety of modifications and alternatives during class. I also appreciate Lovering Studio's laid-back environment and work-hard attitude, which make it a fun place to try new things and challenge myself.”

- Katie R.  


Long-Standing Clients

My advice to a new client would be try all the classes. You may be surprised about what you are capable of or what class really makes you want to keep coming back.  There are so many options and opportunities  to mix up your workouts between classes and instructors.”

- Erika D. 

“Skinny barre is the best exercise program for me, without a doubt.  I am proud of my age - 66!!!! I continue to be challenged, despite the fact that I’ve been taking classes for several years. The instructors are all excellent. The energy in the studio is friendly, upbeat, and lively. I can’t say enough positive things about this program!!”

- Dianne C. 

TRX was one of the most important tools in re-strengthening my legs after a series of knee injuries. The straps provided physical support that allowed me to work through the full range of motion before I had the strength to do that with weights or body weight alone. The variety and variation of exercises with the TRX helped me progress faster than traditional strength training. Working with an instructor that had the experience and knowledge to take me through progressions of exercises while having the TRX for support got me back to strength and flexibility that was not able to achieve on my own. It is a tool that still challenges me after a full recovery.
- Brian G.

“Lovering is such a welcoming and supportive environment. Even when you’re gone for a week or months, the instructors are excited to have you back.  The instructors get to know you on a personal level. They are great at modifying or increasing the level of an activity so you can continue the exercise. I love that they encourage you to work harder but do not yell!”

- Laura H. 

Workshops & Injury Prevention

“Many years of competitive swimming took a toll on my shoulder, resulting in surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). TOS caused me to give up the sport I love and took made it difficult to complete everyday tasks such as carrying a purse or blow drying my hair. When I asked if I would ever swim again, the surgeon said “not likely”.  Countless PT sessions later, I  was determined to NOT let my surgery prevent me from staying in shape. That’s when I discovered TRX at Lovering. TRX allows me to go at my own pace and intensity. With Ashley’s help, I’ve been able to personalize and adapt workouts to fit my needs while recovering. Since starting TRX, I’ve noticed a difference in my energy and strength. TRX has also strengthened my core, thus helping me complete my daily activities with ease. The best part?  Less than a year post-op, I’m back in the pool…this time, pain free!!”

- Betsy K.

“It was very informative & interactive. It showed your hard work & passion. Who knew there was a correct & efficient way to run!??! I think you explained & demonstrated the points well. I felt by you actually going to each person as they did the exercise helped each person understand & FEEL what was supposed to be.  It took the negative thought process out of the thought of running, walking or exercising.”

- Lauren B. 

“I started casually running in college as a way to improve my health and stay active. I was slow and running was HARD for me. After a few years of running at a casual pace, I decided I needed change in my fitness routine. I started taking classes at Lovering in the hopes that I would start to get faster and build my endurance. Within a few months, I noticed myself getting significantly faster and stronger. I was competing in trail races and saw minutes shaved from my times. Within a year after starting classes at Lovering, I ran my first full marathon. A year later, I ran my second full marathon where I qualified for Boston. Before I started at Lovering, I never thought that I would run a full marathon and definitely never expected to qualify for Boston. The classes at Lovering have taught me so much about fitness and have helped me to achieve goals that I never imagined possible.”

- Celsey F. 

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