Virtual Classes

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are now live streaming all our classes on Facebook.  

Please join our private Facebook page "Lovering Classes go LIVE" to access our workouts.  We currently have 2-3 class options per day, 7 days a week.

Class Descriptions 

Skinnybarre (In-Studio and streamed)

 Our traditional barre class.


CFX Performance 

Integrates upper body, lower body, core intensive, cardio bursts, agility, and functional movements.  Each class will be set up differently to add variety to your workouts.

CFX Slow Burn

Focuses on low-impact, providing small movements and isometric holds.  Muscles will reach complete fatigue, improving strength & endurance.

CFX Express

Specialty classes designed to target specific muscle groups (Glutes, core, upper body, cardio, etc.).  

Outdoor Circuit

Circuit style class that incorporates different functional training equipment.  Timed exercises allow you to go at your own pace. Tons of variety in this class.

Cardio Barre

Our traditional Skinnybarre class that incorporates short bursts of cardio.    

Power Barre

Large power movements followed by smaller movements with isometric holds.  Power barre will elevate your heart rate without any jumping or cardio.

Barre Stretch

Incorporate stretching and elongating muscles while slowing down movements to focus on breathing. 

TRX Performance

TRX suspension trainer integrates strength, flexibility, & core engagement. 

Buns of Steel

Express class that will utilize different pieces of equipment to fire up the glutes.

Class Pricing 

General Class Package Pricing:

10 Barre classes for $120  
10 Performance classes for $140
*All general packages have a 3 month expiration date. *Performance classes include: CFX, TRX, Outdoor Circuit 


Calling All 2020 Brides OR New Moms
$110 Unlimited Class Package 

& additional $10 off CFX Trainer ($86)

Qualification: Brides have postponed their wedding until 2021.  New moms who had a baby in 2020. 
*Month to month commitment.  This offer is valid until 12/31/20.

Incentive Program:
Create the Best Version of you

All classes must be completed in the time frame you select.

Burn It: 2x a Week Commitment
Price per class ($11.00 Barre / $13.00 CFX)

Torch It: 3x a Week Commitment
Price per class ($10.00 Barre / $12.00 CFX)

Participants will be rewarded if commitment is fully completed.